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Multiple Factors Push Five Processor Architectures to the Lead

As military system developers balance a thirst for performance versus issues like legacy, life cycles and market acceptance, five processor architectures top their list.

TQ COM Express Modules Optimize Industrial Automation, IoT and Defense Applications

TQ have released a complete line of COM Express modules (SOMs) for the new Intel® Atom E3900 (Apollo Lake) and 7th Generation Intel® Core processors (Kaby Lake).

COM Express Faces a Bright Future in Highly Integrated Systems

Given that complete computing modules will always grow more powerful and compact, COM Express is on path to increasing acceptance in future military system designs.

Build vs Buy

Some of the obstacles and costs associated with designing complex computing platforms--certification, design and development time and production costs--can be overcome by using an off-theshelf embedded module.The following article examines some of these challenges and details how and where savings can be realized by opting for buying a pre-tested module instead of building a system from the ground up.

The ARM® Module Market is Kicking into High Gear and Standards are Lagging Behind

Resolving the Babylonian Confusion in the ARM® Module Market

Embedded Modules Speed Development and Decrease Costs in Medical Equipment Designs

Who’s Ahead of the Rest in the High-end ARM® Module Market?

What advantages do modules for ARM® Cortex-A9 processors really provide?

Embedded Developer October 2013 Cover Interview TQ’s Head of Marketing, Wolfgang Heinz-Fischer (Heifi), discusses “From Concept to Reality: TQ-Group’s Comprehensive Design Process and Embedded Modules”

Advances in medicine: embedded designs for next-generation dental X-ray equipment.

Designing for rugged and demanding environments:embedded products in off-shore oil rigs

Where the wheels meet the rails: designing embedded equipment to monitor axles on a running train