TQMa6ULx i.MX6ULx Cortex-A7 Module

ARM® Cortex®-A7. NXP i.M6ULx


  • All CPU pins available at the Tyco connectors
  • Dual Ethernet 10/100 (IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol
  • Dual OTG USB 2.0
  • Dual CAN
  • 24bit RGB LCD with touch display options
  • 16bit Camera interface
  • Numerous Serial interfaces: i2C, I2S, SPI, UARTS, GPIO and more
  • -25°C to +85°C temperature range
  • Optional memory sizes and extended temperature -40°C to +85°C
  • Power consumption typically 1W
  • Secure boot, tamper monitor, Crypto engine
  • Linux OS, BSP and Build System
  • Long Term Availability
  • Only 46mm x 32mm



The TQMa6ULx embedded modules, based on the NXP iMX6UL with an implementation of a single ARM Cortex-A7 core operating at 528MHz. Secure features and connectivity like Ethernet, USB and CAN make this module suitable for automotive telematics, IoT Gateways, smart industrial and home energy management, intelligent industrial control systems, portable medical devices and financial payment systems. There are three CPU variants available with differing IO and security features.