MB-COME6-2 COM Express Type 6 Basic Mainboard

Mini ITX Mainboard for COM Express Basic Type 6 modules


  • Scalable throughout the Intel 6000 (Skylake) and 7000 (Kaby Lake) range
  • 170mm x 170mm
  • Three Display Ports
  • Gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.0
  • 2x PCIe (via USB), 16x PCIe via riser
  • 2.5 inc HDD/SDD
  • Production ready with long term availability


This 170mm x 170mm COM Express mainboard MB-COME6-2 is designed for the TQ COM Express Basic Type 6 modules.  As such this carrier board supports the TQMx60EB (Skylake) and the TQMx70EB (Kaby Lake) modules. This means you can go from a quad core 4x 1.9 GHZ i5 to a quad core 4x 3.0 GHz i7 on the same carrier board.

In addition, TQ ‘s patented risers extend functionality with PCIe I/O cards and the COMKit-HDD enables easy installation of HDD and SSD to the underside of the baseboard without interfering with the processor cooling.