STKT1042/1040 Power Architecture Quad e5500 cores Starter Kit



  • 2x PCIe
  • 1x SATA Interfaces (up to 2x, depending upon configuration)
  • Up to 8x Gigabit Ethernet ports for maximum I/O performance with IEEE1588 support for time synchronization of shared systems in Nano seconds range
  • 1x Display Interface (LVDS)
  • Shunts for measuring the power consumption of the module, PCIe slots and baseboard. This enables estimation of the power requirement and therefore the amount of cooling necessary.


I addition to the I/O listed in the specification all relevant functions, interfaces and signals of the TQMT1042/TQMT1040 modules are available on pin-headers to facilitate development. The Starter kit enables you to start development of your application without waiting for the final hardware. This reduces time-to-market significantly by being able to develop hardware and software in parallel.