TQ Modules offer a wide range of features and benefits

Top reasons to buy instead of build your modules 

It’s easier. Building a new embedded device from the ground up is an enormous challenge and carries a lot of risk. Embedded development can be made much easier by leveraging existing solutions from TQ-Systems.

It’s quicker. Deployment of a TQ-Systems production-ready module and BSP eliminates 6 to 12 months from your development timeline. 

It’s less expensive. Save substantial non-recurring engineering costs by eliminating specification, parts selection, schematic, layout, and operating system porting efforts. Use an off-the-shelf TQ-Systems module and BSP instead, and get your product to market for less. 

There is always the question: ‘Is it cheaper to buy the processor module or build it yourself?’ The answer always used to be no, but the increasing functionality and attendant complexity of computing platforms has made it more economical to buy rather than build. To help you decide we created a Buy vs Build calculator. You can access the calculator at http://embeddedmodules.net/reasons-to-buy-or-build-a-module-som It divides the project into phases and enables you to cost out each phase of the project using your costs and experience and compare the cost of building the complete project or buying the module and only building the product baseboard.

Top reasons to buy modules from TQ-USA 

  • When size matters: TQ-Systems modules have the smallest footprint of any module in the embedded industry
  • You always have access to all the processor signals
  • OS and BSP Support for Linux is always available and can be downloaded from our website
  • OS and BSPS for Microsoft, QNX, Wind River are available for a number of our supported processors
  • Industrial temperature range –25°C to +85°C. Extended temperature range -40°C to +85°C also available
  • Easy bring-up starter kits allow you to quickly and inexpensively test and evaluate our modules and start software development
  • Temperature monitoring for CPU and memory
  • Technical Support and Sales offices nationwide
  • Long term availability (10+ years) supported by an Obsolescence Program
  • TQ-Systems is a Freescale Connect Proven Partner and a TI approved partner, offering the knowledge and experience to round out the enablement and implemetation of total system solutions.

Order a starter kit today and start working

We offer a starter kit for every module we have available. Each starter kit comes complete with the baseboard, module and power supply. These design platforms provide a quick and easy way to evaluate the module and the supported OS and BSP and provide a software development environment. We provide the baseboard schematics so you can use them in your own baseboard design.

Coast-to-coast sales and support

TQ-USA maintains sales offices in Northern California and Boston, so we are available to service all requests in a timely

fashion. Our FAEs  are very knowledgeable, helpful, experienced, and able to assist you with any questions or technical assistance.